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Evolved production system, with a gear pressurization pump that allows obtaining a constant structure of the distributed ice cream and different levels of overrun, even with values greater than 100%. The pump is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, made up of few parts, easy to disassemble and clean; The gears are made of PEEK material, to guarantee greater durability.

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The components of the refrigeration system in ice cream machines are the heart of the equipment, necessary to guarantee a correct constant evaporation temperature even at high temperatures;
In this way, we can obtain maximum performance when it comes to equipment production and optimize energy costs. 
Our refrigeration system is perfectly sized with a ventilation system and evaporators according to the different capacities of our production models. 
We collaborate worldwide with the best compressor brands such as Britol, Embraco, Tecumseh, Dorin, Danfoss and Rivacold, all produced under the highest quality standards and according to the requirements of our engineers at TechGelato.


All components are carefully studied and diagnosed through excessive research by our R&D center. We are working with the world's leading suppliers to ensure that our machines maintain the highest quality in terms of reliability and durability! All areas exposed to or in contact with food products are specially designed and made from food-compatible materials.

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